Data Administration Agent

Samut Prakan, Changwat Samut Prakan, Thailand DHL Express 200029J 21. May, 2020

Overall Role Purpose

·Prepare shipment records (or files) for customs clearance entry by ensuring that the information available in the shipment record reflects the available data to DHL (in DHL systems, including CIA images, and Customer Database Records).

·Assist with general administrative duties related to customs clearance such as the printing, collation, distribution and filing of customs clearance-related documentation


  • Assist in administrative duties within the clearance department such as the printing, collation and distribution of the required customs documentation needed for lodgment of a customs entry.

  • Assist in the collation of the necessary documents for BTO shipments to facilitate smooth handover of the documents to the appointed broker


    Data Administration

  • Validate and if needed, correct the data elements in the shipment records to ensure that the data elements in the records are in accordance to the approved format and structure acceptable to the regulatory agencies and systems.

  • Verify and if needed, correctthe shipment details in the shipment record to ensure that the information in the shipment records are in accordance to the information available in commercial documents provided by the customer and/or customer instructions available in DHL’s Customer Database Records

    Note: In relation to the task stated above, the DAA will ensure that multi-commodities in a shipment are recorded in the shipment record. The DAA will verify the actual number of shipment commodities from the commercial documents available in the shipment.

  • If a shipment record is not available (example over-landed shipments), the DAA will assist to create an initial shipment record (or file) for the over-landed shipment using the commercial documents available on the physical shipment

  • Following the successful conclusion of the ‘cleansing” of shipment records, the DAA will if required, assign the shipment records according to the declaration modes and distribute these records to the appropriate parties in the clearance department for follow-on work in the clearance work cycle. {This task may be automated in some locations}

  • For shipment records which cannot be “cleansed” due to inadequate or insufficient information available, or have been identified as requiring special handling/treatment, e.g P & R, the DAA will assign these to the Clearance Support Group for further investigation and resolution.

  • Perform filing and archiving of customs documents for shipments that have been cleared by DHL

  • Perform co-ordination duties within the clearance department as assigned by the duty supervisor, and/or between the clearance department and other DHL departments (e.g. between the clearance department and NCG, or warehouse operations or the accounting department) and/or external agencies (e.g. between Customs and the DHL clearance department)

Skills / Qualifications

§Software skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
§Communication skills (English), spoken and written

Expected Educational Qualifications

  • Completed High School Education

Expected years of experience (Minimum)

  • N/A (entry level job)

Facts and Figures

  • Travel Required