Commercial Manager DHL Express Guatemala

Guatemala City, Departamento de Guatemala, Guatemala DHL Express req82388 11/08/2019

Role: Commercial Manager 

Overall Role Purpose:

Responsible for Driving TDI growth (TDI SPD, RPD, Market Share), Strengthening Customer Loyalty and Retention, and Creating a High Performing Sales Organization to meet and exceed DHL Express Guatemala revenue and profitability growth targets.

Main Responsibilities:

Builds and executes strong commercial plans aligned with our Focus strategy, regional/country priorities and market opportunities to aggressively Grow DHL International
(TDI) Business:

- Aggressively drives customer acquisition, ensuring strong plans to win the SME market (Small & Medium Enterprises)

- Ensures there is a lead management process in place to ensure sufficient amount of suspects customers fed into the sales channels pipeline

- Develops and implements a comprehensive channel strategy to efficiently cover the market making it attractive and easy for customers to do business with DHL, including Cash (own stores & partnerships), Direct (Multichannel, Telesales), Field Sales and National Sales

- Develops strong retail channel partnerships to increase our market reach and reduce our cost to serve cash customers 

- Develops a comprehensive approach to win and retain customers from key industries/sectors

- Supports development and ensure implementation of the right Pricing strategy for the different customer segments

- Executes global/regional sales cycles with excellence, clearly communicating targets, building excitement and measuring performance at country and territory level 

Strengthens Customer Loyalty by constantly meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers, winning new customers while maintaining and developing the existing
portfolio. We want our customers to think: Why would I do business with any other Express Company in the world?

- Weekly monitors and urgently acts on reducing downtraders and regaining lost customers

- Timely involves other functions and DHL senior leadership to prevent losing customers and help regain customers

- Maximizes the use of global sales teams to grow Global and Regional Accounts (CSI, MNC,GFPS), and performs frequent business reviews (i.e. QBRs, Quarterly Business
Reviews) with our top customers

- Drives e-penetration / e-tools

- Performs annual Sales Force Sizing (SFS) to ensure customers are assigned to the right channel, and territories have the optimum amount of customers

- Ensures high % of data quality in Comet (CML), specially contact information to be able to drive our email contact strategy

- Ensures there is an effective on-boarding process in place for new customers

- Drives Public Relations to ensure customers, the media, opinion formers and government acknowledge DHL as the industry leader

- Collaborates with Customer Service, Operations, Account Receivables and all other functions to ensure we are providing Great Service Quality and we have a service
differentiation vs. competitors 

 Creates a High Performing Sales Force

- Culture:
Effectively leads & develops a high performance commercial organization that delivers Great Results without compromising on Respect. Enables a positive culture that maximizes the potential of our people, the professionalism and effectiveness of the team recognized internal & externally

-Structure/Role Design: Structure & roles to follow global/regional footprint.

- Strives to always have the right person assigned to the right role

- Recruiting: Employs stellar commercial people by aggressively applying panel screens that determine whether candidates display the required skills for the role

- Training: Ensures the sales team has done all CIS required training, and individually assessed skill gaps vs. global sales standards are tackled. Ensures an effective on-boarding training program is in place for new hire’s

- Performance Management: Frequently monitors individual and group performance against commercial KPIs. Use the Global Sales Improvement Process to ensure adoption of
behaviours that drive star performance. Strives for a Best Day Every Day, with incremental improvement every day. Low performance is not tolerated and consistent low performers managed though the performance management process

- Coaching: Coaches the replicable behaviours that drive business results. Drives a culture of coaching within commercial/sales managers. Walks the talk, coaching based on

- Leadership Development: Recruits, develops and retains outstanding sales people who exceed results through effective coaching and inspiring leadership

- Succession Planning/Retention: Retains and develop high performance individuals, differentiating between excellence in current role vs. future potential. Creates succession plans that ensures business continuity and allows talent to stretch into the roles above them

- Incentives & Rewards: Implements simple, effective and efficient incentive programs in line with global & regional programs/guidelines. Promotes a culture of recognition of those behaviours that drive business in line with corporate  strategy and core values

- Drives adoption and compliance to the Global Sales process (GSP). Identifies the grassroots issues and opportunities and has a methodical approach for improvementSales Tools: Drives the adoption of all commercial tools available to expedite sales activities, increase customer loyalty and achieve great results. Sales tools: i.e. COMET,Just Sell, SMS, GSI, i-present. Management Tools: i.e. GSIP Diagnostic Tool,Sparkle, Commercial Scorecard.

- Customer Tools: ecommerce tools (emailship,Webship, Easyship, IEO, Proview). Has enough understanding of tools to be able to coach 

Skills / Qualifications:

1. Maintains excellent and effective relationships with customers:

Remains informed about the customer’s business and external market dynamics, and regularly meets with customers to discuss and understand customer strategies and priorities

Fully leverages trends in customers industries / marketplaces to the benefit of the customer

Actively develops and extends relationships through customer organization to include senior leaders and decision makers

2. Develops, commercializes and delivers high quality / innovative services and solutions: Meets and exceeds budget, growing 2-3 pts faster than the market. Delivers excellent services and solutions meeting/exceeding quality and committed timings. Drives and actively aligns internally the development of services and solutions to meet and eceed customer needs

3. Inspires Customers and gains their commitment: Ensures that customer projects are effectively planned, budgeted and resources
for success. Acts decisively to reduce  ambiguity, defines next steps with customers with circumstances are unclear or changing. Anticipates emerging risks and opportunities and drafts scenarios and contingency plans with customers.  Builds a strong pipeline that enables growth  

4. Gains organizational alignment and support for customer needs:Aligns resources, goals, rewards, communications and reporting with customer’s needs. Communicates early and openly with relevant stakeholders and keeps them informed of developments in customers’ business. Proactively seeks to understand the business and internal processes that
do not meet the customer’s needs and champions improvements that benefit both. Proactively engages with multiple stakeholders across the business to gain consensus
and resources to meet customer needs


- Educational Qualifications: University Degree (Administration, Engineering or similar)

- Master Degree - MBA – an asset but not required
- Successful Leadership & People Management experience
- Project Management, First Choice Master Bronze Certification, CIM Certification.
- Expected years of experience (Minimum): 5
- Key capabilities
• Successful selling experience
• Experience in successfully managing sales teams
• Building Relationships
• Negotiation
• Solid knowledge of performance reporting and financial/budgeting processes
• Excellent organizational and leadership skills
• Outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities
• Spanish native – English Fluent

Facts and Figures

  • Business Unit

    DHL Express Central & South America

  • Travel Required

    Below 50%

  • Employment Type

    Permanent Full-Time

  • Work Permit Required


  • Shift Requirement

    Day time only