Customer Care Manager

Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand DHL Express req82051 02/08/2019

Overall Role Purpose

  • Operate an effective Tracing, Service Recovery Plan and Customer Loyalty program aimed at the retention and growth of all customers, with emphasis on customers who are major revenue contributors to DHL.
  • To support and provide best-in-class customer services to DHLE customers especially with top tier customers.


Internal Colleagues and External Customers

Existing DHL Customers

  • Interact with external customers in a professional manner for effective service recovery and/or pay visits where Service Recovery actions are deemed essential as an extension of customer care
    Customer Care Executives and Customer Care Supervisors
  • Assist Trace supervisors or customer care executives to handle difficult and complicated claim issues, complaints that require consultation with solicitors or cases involving legal proceedings. (Assist them to handle issues as a consulting person not as a person who helps the supervisor manager) Top Tier Customers  Senior Director, Customer Service
  • Consult the Senior Director, Customer Service and design the approved Service Recovery system empowerment model in the customer service department that will facilitate speedy resolution of service failures, customer complaints and other issues.
  • Support all functions in terms of complaint and claim handling, problem solving and other contractually agreed services communicated by the relevant Sales staff in order to develop a continuing business partnership.
    Visit top view customers to listen to customers’ needs and obtain first-hand assessment on DHL’s service delivery performance to enhance the customer relationship

Stakeholder Internal

  • Sub function Managers/Network Tracer Functions.
    Collaborate and co-ordinate with relevant staff within the DHL Network to ensure the tracing and service recovery systems function effectively.
  • Work with Finance Department on service recovery or claim cases involving financial settlement.  
    Regional Office and Sub-functions
  • Co-ordinate and liaise with key personnel in other functional areas, RO, Overseas DHL offices, GCC or within the DHL network to ensure effective delivery of major customers.
  • Work with sales department for account acquisition, performance review and exploration of new business


  • Planning Strategies
  • Continuously review and improve existing trace and service recovery processes to ensure relevance to the dynamic business environment with a view towards establishing and maintaining a competitive advantage.
  • Benchmark existing systems and processes against other service companies, competitors, etc. to ensure DHL’s tracing and service recovery system is comparable or better, in terms of quality and cost effectiveness.
  • Establish proper systems and processes for handling shipment claims and SI (shipment insurance) claims, covering registration, processing, resolution, analysis of root causes, reporting, corrective and preventive actions and follow-up audits to ensure compliance to preventive actions and communication to relevant departments for organisational learning.
  • Establish and maintain the Tracing System (covering supporting processes and systems) to ensure traces (both customer- and network-initiated) are promptly addressed and resolved in accordance to stipulated service performance standards and to the satisfaction of customers and the network in nationwide.
  • Establish and maintain a system (covering supporting processes and systems) for collecting, analyzing and communicating Root Causes for Traces to relevant parties (including other functional areas and the network) to pre-empt recurrence of preventable trace actions.
  • Evaluate, improve and enhance key account management service to achieve competitive advantage and explore new business opportunity
  • Ensure all pre-determined service standards are consistently met and reviewed to reflect developments in competitive offerings.

    Risk Management
  • Co-ordinate legal cases arising from shipment related incidents and claims and liaise with assigned legal counsels.

Functional Roles

  • Establish and maintain the Service Recovery System to ensure service failures (primarily claims and complaints) are promptly recovered to the satisfaction of customers to minimize negative impact on long term customer loyalty.
    Information/Data management
  • Feedback collation from customer service feedback to ensure proactive action is taken to enhance positive experiences andpre-empt potential service failures (resulting from non-action on negative comments)
    Driving Customer Service Excellence
  • Lead and drive customer satisfaction by providing best in class standards with a view towards establishing and maintaining a competitive advantage.
    Maximizing Revenue Generating Opportunities
    Identify and promote areas with potential for revenue generation to cross-sell, upsell services including value added services (e.g. SII, TDD and the use of eCom tools)
    Budget Compliance
    Include developing and managing annual budget, staffing, performance management, employee development and satisfaction, reward and recognition, training and development of a high-performance Customer Care team.

  • General Management of the Section
  • Ensure selective accounts are provided top-quality customer service - customized where required – in a cost effective way.
  • Ensure pro-activity and flexibility, while maintaining responsiveness in servicing customer requirements up to their satisfaction.
  • Driving Customer Service Excellence
  • Lead and drive customer satisfaction by providing best in class standards with a view towards establishing and maintaining a competitive advantage.

People - Management

  • Develop a high performance service culture within customer care team.
  • Plan, organise and direct an efficient and effective team of customer service professionals.
    Develop KPIs with team members and monitor individual performance.
  • Conduct performance review and coaching.
  • Prioritise and manage the allocation of appropriate resources and commitment of staff to the achievement of Global, Regional and Country objectives and targets.
  • Identify training needs and opportunities to develop a highly skilled Customer Service Department.

Facts and Figures

  • Business Unit

    DHL Express Thailand

  • Employment Type

    Permanent Full-Time

  • Work Permit Required