Customer Solution Technical Support Agent

Algiers, Algiers Province, Algeria DHL Express 20006WA 15. October, 2020


The jobholder is responsible to actively promote DHL’S range of E-com products and services, liaise for the equipment, manage installation, support clients and impart training & system integrations. Train & support New E-Com Advisor, maintain e-Com Inventory


1.Install E-com tools for new customers and conduct capability demonstrations for new or potential customers to enhance the competitive advantage of using DHL for our customers.
2.Provide customers – both internal & external user training through road shows and customer evenings respectively on E-com products both on current and new versions of the software to ensure smooth shipment processing for 100% accurate manifest data.
3.Evaluate customer needs, provide solutions and customise the E-com products (software and hardware) to meet the customer’s need, without compromising DHL’s standards and also providing customers value-added services.
4.Provide support and solutions to the sales team, with regards to any E-com products, training and accompany Sales Team to customer sites for presentations if needed to provide the customer effective utilisation of our systems. Install account rates on Easy Ship systems for customers, upon requests from Sales.
5.Select appropriate hardware for each site dependant on volume of shipments / revenue, after consultation with eShippng & Customer Solution Manager to ensure the most effective utilization of technology.
6.Evaluate competitor’s shipment processing systems & products via direct on-site comparison with DHL products, feedback from customers and / or any other means of competitor intelligence to drive continuous improvement of our products & systems.
7.Ensure that all systems are in good condition, upgraded, tested and functioning properly before deploying to customers to ensure smooth transition with minimal disruption to the user’s business.
8.Work closely with the Area team, DZ IT and KUL/PRG team to develop solutions and processes or modifications to existing products to continually exceed customer’s expectations and strengthen DHL’S stronghold as a market leader in the Air Express Industry, by providing value-added service via E-com products and customised solutions.
9.Ensure that the Electronic Service Directory file is updated at all sites within the the first 3 weeks of every quarter and new courier guides sent to SPS customers every quarter to ensure data accuracy.
10.Check and ensure 100% manifest data return from all SPS sites, as it results in significant cost savings for DHL.
11.Provide weekly reports on time as and when requested by the eShippng & Customer Solution Manager.
12.Ensure that all our customers using the E-com products are provided efficient and excellent customer service as regards – Logging in of all support calls immediately and attending to them within 24 hours, being on call 24 hours a day even whilst managing the E-com Duty Manager roster every alternate month to attend to any critical system failures for timely restoration, ensure systems are working at all times and in case of breakdown prompt arrangements are made for replacement and the DHL customer server is up at all times so that the external customers can download/upload data files when required.
13.Ensure that all mail shot requests from Sales are promptly actioned and proper manifesting is done to ensure timely and accurate data is available to the network.
14.Assist the Billing team with reports from client systems to identify any discrepancies in billing so that corrective action (credit notes) can be taken immediately contributing to achievement of DOS targets.
15.Conduct a six monthly audit of all client systems and update files for hardware count, serial and model numbers and track calibration of scales to secure control over our systems and also quick recovery in case of breakdowns.
16.Organise quarterly meetings with Service Centre Managers and team leaders to discuss any sites identified by couriers as potential for automation or customers with recurring problems like miscodes, etc. so that corrective action can be taken promptly.
17.Ensure e-Com objectives are met & report monthly to the E-com Manager.
18.e-AWB Allocation Management: Constant allocation of e-AWB to new & existing customers. Ensure maximum utilization of country’s e-AWB’s range
19.Daily review and action of CSV pre-print requests and their conversion to e-Customers
20.e-uploads Service level maintenance in line with annual KPI's
21.Provide on-job training to new e-Com Advisors with complete overview of e-Com department and its objectives.
22.Ensure that the e-Com Advisor is able to conduct his daily activities.
23.Assisting fresh e-Com Advisors in supporting customer special requirements, S/w Issues and customer support.
24.Ensure all aspects of customer service in relation to Customers using DHL's eCom tools and promotion of eCom tools.
25.Stock Management: Raise and follow-up orders, secure stocks, maintain re-order level and conduct inventory of the e-Com Store.
26.Monitoring Manual waybills supplies & taking actions in line with the process in place at any given time.
28.Active participation in selling, coordination & implementation of integration projects as assigned by the eShippng & Customer Solution Manager.          


DHL, at no extra cost, provides its corporate customers (as justified by the customer’s shipment volumes & revenue / sales department) a desktop PC with shipping management software. Along with this desktop, they are also provided with either a network label printer or dot matrix printer, and a modem. This position is responsible for maintaining and supporting the PC Desktops, printers and modems. Additionally they train and support the users on SPS and DHL Connect software to ensure efficient and effective utilisation of the systems.

b)Reporting Relationships:
The Customer solution support supervisor reports to the e-Shipping & Customer Solution Manager (Shoaib Javed).

 Sales
 DZ IT Support
 Customer services
 Call Centre Team Leaders
 Customer Care Manager
 Ground Ops Managers
 THP & Quality Manager
 Service Centre Managers
 Ground Operations Team Leaders
 Accounts & Finance staff
 Manifestors
 Procurement

 DHL MENA Area Team
 EMA Helpdesk
 KUL – APIS Team
 PRG & KUL Integration Team
 Cyclone integration team
 EDI XML Integration team
 All DHL Customers
 All prospective customers
 Hardware / Software vendors and suppliers
 E-Com Contacts in EMEA
 DHL network

d) Problem Solving:
In case of breakdowns, the jobholder will require to identify the problem and provide the solution too, to ensure that the customer systems are restored with the least disruption to their business with DHL. A restoration time of 24 hours is the service standard.

The position can make decisions on managing, administering, facilitating and co-ordinating tasks related to systems. If the decision has an adverse effect on business, the E-com Manager must be consulted.

f)Planning and Organisation:
Plan and organise at least one visit per customer every month, training both internal and external customers, installation and customers’ evenings. Also managing the E-com Duty Manager phone according to the roster given by the E-com Manager.

g)Job Challenge:
 The jobholder ensures that software upgrades when performed have minimal disruption to business and they target 24 hours resolution every time.
 Constantly identify other potential DHL customers who could be extended these E-com products providing them a competitive advantage that bests suits their resources and business requirements.
 Be constantly updated on all DHL applications, systems & procedures so that accurate and appropriate guidance and training is provided to all customers

- Must possess good IT experience (minimum 1 - 3 years) in a service related industry.
- Must hold a degree / diploma in an IT discipline with excellent knowledge of IT skills like networking WAN & LAN, Microsoft applications, basic programming, and troubleshooting on Operating Systems.
- A working knowledge of web development tools would be desirable.
- Working knowledge in computer hardware & software, with a definite interest in helping customers benefit through the use of technology.
- Aptitude to constantly update self of developments and innovations in an extremely volatile technical environment.
- Ability to work independently even under pressure.
- Deadline and target driven.
- Excellent presentations skills.
- Possess a valid DZ Driving licence.
- Excellent written as well as verbal communication skills in English.
- Good planning and organizing skills.
- Team Player
- Possess high energy levels and enjoys challenge.    
- Ability to work effectively and build relationships with Internal as well as External DHL Customers.
- Commercial attitude / business acumen.
- Strong analytical & logical approach towards problem solving.

Facts and Figures

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I like working for DHL because it is the worldwide leader in logistics where customers and employees are always in focus.

Current Employee – Project Manager in Bonn